Build a Garage Suite in Edmonton

Garage suites are a fantastic and affordable option for anyone looking for rental income, an in-law suite, retirement nest, home office, or cozy hideaway!

Garage suites, also called Garden Suites, are fully functional homes located above or attached to a garage. In Edmonton, the maximum size of a garage suite is 1,399 square feet and they can be one or two storeys. Garage suites have become increasingly popular in Edmonton as they help to increase density in mature neighbourhoods and assist in creating more affordable housing in our city. Modern families will find garage suites to be a more affordable housing solution for aging parents, or as a place to live while renovating or building their primary home on the same lot. A bonus to building a garage suite is that they can be developed relatively quickly and its development will not disrupt daily life as much as a large scale renovation on a primary residence would.

Should you decide to earn rental income from your garage suite, the rent collected can assist in paying your mortgage and in turn make homeownership more affordable. A garage suite with a modern design that adds to the overall aesthetic of the property makes your home more attractive to prospective buyers and can increase the value of your home. Garage suites are also considered more attractive to prospective renters, as there is more privacy compared to a basement suite, more natural lighting, better air quality, and they tend to be safer.

If building a garage suite sounds like a great option for you, give us a call! Or, if you’d like to see more of our garage suites, click here.

Three things to ask before building a garage suite:

  1. How much rental income could you collect in your neighbourhood?
  2. Is your lot zoned for a garage suite?
  3. Who are you building it for?

Benefits of a Garage Suite

  • Rental income
  • Additional privacy
  • Reduces urban sprawl
  • Affordable housing
  • Multigenerational living


How much does a garage suite cost

Garage suite costs vary depending on the finishing options, size, and the difficulty of running plumbing and power to your suite. Typically, garage suites cost start at around $185000 to build in Edmonton.

Is my lot zoned for a garage suite?

In order to find out if you can build a garage suite in Edmonton, you’ll need to fill out an application. You can read the City of Edmonton’s how-to guide on Garden Suites for more information on the process.

Can I still use my garage if I have a garage suite?

That depends on the style of garage suite you’re looking to build! Some suites have a full garage underneath while other suites turn the entire garage into usable space for the renter.

Is a garden suite a legal suite?

Yes! Garage suites are recognized in Edmonton as legal suites that allow you to collect rental income and ensure that your tenants are protected.

Are garage suites good for the environment?

Garage suites have an environmentally friendly aspect as they reduce urban sprawl. This is what happens when a city grows out too much rather than becoming a densely populated urban centre. Having additional living spaces built within mature neighbourhoods is great for the environment as reducing urban sprawl is beneficial to the environment.

Can I have a garage suite if I already have a basement suite?

For the most part, yes! The City of Edmonton has passed bylaws that allow a single lot to have up to three legal suites. Not every lot is zoned to have three suites, but you can find out through the city’s zoning laws.

Can a garage suite be part of my mortgage?

Usually, yes. If you are building a new infill or custom home, you can typically add your garage suite into your mortgage so all finances are part of a single payment. You may also be able to refinance your existing mortgage and wrap your garage suite into it, but that is something you’ll need to speak to a mortgage broker about.

Do I need to provide parking for tenants?

The City of Edmonton has eliminated parking minimums, so home owners are not required to offer a minimum number of parking spaces.

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