About Singletree Infill Home Builders

Singletree Builders is an Edmonton home builder who specializes in infill development.

With a commitment to enhancing our city though the projects that we build, we pay exceptional attention to design quality, provide unprecedented workmanship, make jobsite cleanliness a priority and abide by a strict construction schedule to get you in your new home as quickly as possible.

Singletree is dedicated to building homes that feature unique architectural design, quality craftsmanship and impressive details. Our custom built homes have earned us the trust and respect of customers who demand nothing less than perfection in their new homes.

With over 20 years of homebuilding experience in Edmonton, Singletree guarantees that you will be satisfied throughout the entire homebuilding process.

Our Founder

Starting as a labourer during the summer in high school, Mick Graham has always believed that construction was his calling.

From working as a framing carpenter to building with heavy timbers to managing several multi-family sites for production builders, Mick’s experience is vast and varied. If there is a construction problem to be solved, Mick has probably seen it before. Over the years Mick has built an excellent network of trades and suppliers who share his high standards and passion for residential construction.

Mick Graham started Singletree Builders in 2012 because he realized that many of Edmonton’s mature neighbourhoods needed rejuvenation. Over the years he has discovered the challenges of negotiating the City’s zoning bylaws and of managing neighbours who don’t necessarily welcome new construction on their street. He joined the Infill Development in Edmonton Association (IDEA) to help the City develop legislation to help make our mature neighbourhoods healthier and more diverse.

Mick is excited to be helping to build a better city. If you want an experienced and passionate partner for your new house, or if you want check out some of the projects that Singletree has on the go, please contact us.

Relevant Links

We support many causes throughout Edmonton to make our city better, here are just a few of those: